Groups & Activities

Prayer Meetings

Prayer is vital to the life of our church

We love to pray to our Heavenly Father at Trinity and this happens in lots of different ways, as individuals and groups put prayer at the heart of what they do. As well as this ongoing prayer, we also have two regular prayer meetings, the details of which you can see below.

Check our calendar to make sure you don’t miss the chance to join us at our next prayer meeting.

Prayer Breakfast

We meet to pray in small groups for a whole variety of things and afterwards enjoy a delicious breakfast together! A children’s group and crèche is provided whilst we pray.

Central Family Meeting (CFM)

An hour long prayer meeting where we sing and then pray in small groups about four different areas of our church’s ministry. After we have prayed we enjoy refreshments and desserts together.

Early Morning Prayer Meeting

We meet to pray specifically for us to be effective in our evangelism as a church.