Shoebox Appeal

Once again were are supporting the Teams4U Shoebox Appeal.

You can find out more about what Teams4U do by clicking here

Step 1 – Find a shoebox! 

You can always pop in to a local shoe shop if you don’t have one. Wrap the box and lid separately with Christmas paper

Step 2 – Decide on who the shoebox is intended for 

Boy 3-5 years
Boy 6-11 years
Boy 12+years
Girl 3-5 years
Girl 6-11 years
Girl 12+years

Print off the label, tick the appropriate option and attach the label to the lid.

Step 3 – Fill your shoebox

Practical supplies

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Facecloth and soap
Stationery pack
Craft Pack
Sewing Kit

But please NONE of these

No medicines
No food (except chocolate & sweets)
No ‘military themed’ toys or clothing
No dangerous items such as knives or razors
No novels (picture books & colouring books are OK)

A few small gifts

A soft toy
Musical instrument i.e. harmonica/recorder
A photo of yourself

Drop off your box 

Close the lid with a rubber band – please do not tape the lid shut. Drop your box off at  the Holy Trinity Church office by 18th November.