Afternoon Service

Always a warm welcome

Come along to our Sunday afternoon service – it’s great!

Who is it for?

Anyone of any age and background is welcome to attend at any time. We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and you don’t have to be a Christian already to attend. Come and explore the Christian faith  without feeling pressured to join in anything unless you want to. 

Glen Scrivener was our main speaker at a week-long event titled “Find life that lasts” in which he explained why Jesus makes life worthwhile. Why not watch some of his talks?


The afternoon service meets most Sundays – see our calendar for full details. 

Refreshments and cakes are available from 4pm for those who would like to arrive early – the meeting itself is normally from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

Most meetings take the form of an informal service; there is a creche and children’s work, although if you would prefer your children to remain with you in the service, that’s fine. Once a month the service includes an informal communion, and the children stay with us. You don’t have to rush away at the end of the meeting – bring along your own picnic meal, stay, chat and get to know other people.

Once a month we have a very different meeting. It is intended to be much more social – lots of talking with others, perhaps games, perhaps watching short videos, listening to songs and chatting about Bible verses among many other things. It will always be sociable and accessible, and will end with a light meal for all – which we will provide!

Further information

Our afternoon service is overseen by Lukas Hank. If you need further information, please contact Lukas by clicking here.