Barnabas Fund

For the growing number of refugees the Barnabas Fund are requesting gifts of winter clothing (particularly coats), blankets, tinned food (that can be opened without a can opener), cup-a-soup packets and energy bars. If you wish to contribute, please either drop the goods off at the Church office (Mon, Wed or Fri mornings), bring them to church on Sunday morning, or contact Jason for another arrangement. Alternatively you may wish to make a monetary contribution to the transport of these goods to Ukraine. This can be done through the Barnabas Fund website.

The Fourth Musketeer

The Fourth Musketeer is a Christian movement that aims to inspire the heart of every man and create a global wave of justice.

Myriam’s friend, Pasha, lives in Ukraine and was stuck in his basement for two days but managed to escape. He is currently working with the charity The 4th Muskateer Ukraine in driving people out of danger zones and needs a new van. The charity that will get it to him needs funding for the van – . One needs to add a comment “Paul Rozhkov 4M Ukraine” to get the donation to the right place.

Any help in this rescue operation will help many women and children fleeing the crisis. Thank you. (Use the translate option at the top of the website to translate to English.)


If you would like to make a financial donation through HT towards Christian help and compassion for the people of Ukraine, please place it in a clearly marked envelope in the basket in the foyer on Sundays. HT will forward all donations to Kreativity. Some years ago HT regularly supported the work of Kreativity in Ukraine, and many church family will remember Polly Rogerson’s brother David Bute. You can read some of his regular updates here.