About Us

Who’s Who?

Roger Wiles


Roger has been at Trinity since 2005 and is married to Deane with whom he has two children, Kenny and Christopher.

Paul Lewis


Paul is married to Elaine with whom he has three girls; Hannah, Jess and A-J.

Anna Leadbetter

Families Worker

Anna is married to Owen and mum to Miriam and Benjamin.

Deane Wiles

Vicar’s wife

Deane is involved in many areas of ministry in our church family as she supports her husband Roger in his role as our Vicar.

Glenys Potter

Church Administrator
Glenys, married to Jason, works in the Church Office and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Chris Walsh

Church Treasurer

Chris works as an associate at a law firm and despite having to oversee our church finances, she also smiles a lot!

Alan Jones

Lay reader

Alan is married to Chris (who heads up Holy Trinity Preschool) and is a valued member of our preaching team. He also oversees our annual Hymn Concert.

Lukas Hank

Co-ordinator for Afternoon Service

Lukas co-ordinates our 4.30 service. He is married to Rachel, and together they run a Bible study group for our teens.

Caroline Rowland


Caroline is our Church Warden, helped by Jason Potter.

Jason Potter


Jason is married to Glenys, our Church Administrator, and works with Caroline as a church Warden. 

Ian Fair

PA co-ordinator
Ian supervises our PA team. He is married to Mary, and has two sons, John and Caleb.

Mary Fair

Music Group Co-ordinator

Mary co-ordinates our music group, and is married to Ian. She also has two sons, called John and Caleb!

Carol Walker

Safeguarding Officer

Carol is married to Phil, and works with Pam as one of our Safeguarding Officers.

Pam Clarkson

Safeguarding Officer

Pam shares responsibility for oversight of our safeguarding policy with Carol Walker.