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Home Groups

‘Home Groups are at the heart of our church life together’

Home Groups are an opportunity to meet in smaller groups, usually in someone’s home rather than the church, for a time of Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

Meeting in a smaller group can help to develop deeper relationships with people within the church family, something that is not always easy to do in the much larger setting of a church service on a Sunday.

By belonging to a Home Group we can also often delve deeper into a Bible passage, helping each other with our questions as they arise during the study and applying it in a personal way to each of our lives.

We also spend time praying for each other. It can be such an encouragement to know we are in each other’s prayers, not only during the Home Group meeting, but also during the week.

There are currently 12 Home Groups running at Holy Trinity Church, meeting fortnightly in different homes and locations on various nights of the week during term time.

If you would like to join a Home Group, or have any questions, please contact our vicar, Roger Wiles.