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Families Ministry

We believe that the best place for children and young people to learn how to follow Jesus is in the context of their family at home AND as part of their local church family. We at Holy Trinity will do our best to partner with you in bringing up your children to know and love Jesus.

Our different youth and children’s groups form part of our support for you as parents in the discipleship of your children. But even more important than attending groups is being part of our church family life, and so you can meet with most of your church family as we gather together on a Sunday morning. We look forward to welcoming you here! See our calendar for services coming up.

If you would like any more information please contact Anna Leadbetter.

Sunday mornings - what to expect

In the main Sunday service, we all start off all-together as a church family, and part-way through the service children aged 2-11 will go out into their groups to receive age-appropriate Bible teaching. Under 2‘s are welcome to join the pre-schoolers group with their parents, or alternatively, they can stay in the service with their parents. We have ’busy bags’ available at all services with pens and paper, fidget toys, and a Christian book to read.

You can see what part of the Bible the children are learning from each week on our term plan. The children’s groups run in term-time only. During the school holidays we welcome families to stay in together, and we aim to make these services accessible for all. At all morning services we have ‘busy bags’ available with pens, paper, a fidget toy, and a book.

All-age services usually take place on the first Sunday of the month.

We want to work with young people who are 11+ to help them get the most out of the main church service. Here is a sheet they can use to help them take notes and concentrate on the Bible teaching.

Midweek groups

You can find details of our childrens midweek groups on this page.

HTC Youth

HTC youth is moving to a small group format: instead of meeting centrally, we’ll meet in small groups, each at a different time location during the week. In these groups we’ll have a relaxed time to chat and get to know each other well, look at the Bible and think through current issues to do with Christianity, and play games and have fun together.

If you are aged 11-18, in school years 7-13, and want to be a part of one of our small groups, then contact Anna Leadbetter for more details.

Support for parents


We encourage you as parents to get plugged into a ‘Home group’ where you can study God’s word for yourself, get to know a smaller group of people within your church family better, and help support and pray for each other. If you would like to join a home group, contact Roger Wiles.


This offers an alternative to mums during the day-time to meet together for a Bible study whilst their children are looked after. Contact Anna Leadbetter if you are interested in joining when we restart the group.

Holy Communion - a family guide

The resources below are aimed at helping families with children engage with the gift of the communion in an appropriate way. We want to help families grow together in their understanding and enjoyment of Holy Communion by connecting the sharing of communion on Sundays with teaching at home.


Everyday dadding – thinking about how to be a Christian Dad

Faith in kids. Faith in Kids supports churches and parents so that children can engage with Jesus Christ and respond to him, having their hearts and minds captured by Christ’s words.


We have launched a families library of useful resources that you can borrow to use with your family at home, which is available on Sundays.

Further resources can be found at and


Here is a playlist with a mix of songs we sing in church, and songs that are great for playing at home, in the car, wherever you are! Songs are a powerful way of embedding God’s truth in our hearts, and we’ve chosen songs we hope will do that.